News at A Glimmer of Hope



March 26, 2008 – Pittsburgh, PA – A Glimmer of Hope Foundation announced today the launching of a re-branding campaign aimed at positioning the foundation on a national scale.   The campaign includes a new logo that focuses on the tag line, “Symbol of the Cure®”, an all new website, which launches today, marketing materials, and an all-new advertising campaign.

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation supports and funds the only under forty breast cancer study in the country and is dedicated to finding a cure for this devastating disease.  “We want to be recognized as the symbol of the cure, and to make sure people who support us realize that we strictly fund research,” said Diana Napper, A Glimmer of Hope president.  “Since pre-menopausal breast cancer can be much more aggressive than post-menopausal breast cancer, this can breed a hopeless situation.  It is our mission to provide better treatment options, that provide greater hope for those afflicted.”

“This new re-branding campaign is just the beginning of many more great things to come for this outstanding foundation,” said Mat Simmons, president of Garrett CMG, the advertising and marketing agency working with A Glimmer of Hope.  “This will position them to be a major player and raise funds that will further the research needed to find a cure.”

A Glimmer of Hope is a Pennsylvania non-profit organization that has been supporting breast cancer research since 1994 and has raised over $900,000 to further fund the largest pre-menopausal breast cancer study in the United States.